Documents obtained Tuesday by the Electronic Privacy Information Center suggest that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has signed contracts for the development of mobile and static systems that can be used to scan pedestrians and people at rail and bus stations and special event venues -- apparently at times without their knowledge.


Have none of these putrid Politicos ever read 1984? Or did they read it and not understand that it was a DYSTOPIA, rather than a UTOPIA?

In our bizarro world, you can count on every public policy being exactly the opposite of whatever it should be. This is exactly the kind of potentially harmful public nuisance that the government should be protecting the citizenry from. Instead it is the government itself that is foisting it upon us.

And why?

I’ll tell you why, but first I’ll tell you what they will tell you. They will tell you that the reason for such systems and policies is to protect us from violence and terrorism. But that is total bullshit. The real reason is because some company who developed the technology for these machines is creating an otherwise non-existant market for them by bribing government officials to spend public money [more debt] on them. 

Period, full-stop.

First of all, if you look at the total incidence of violence and terrorism that systems such as these would ostensibly be protecting against, their cost in dollars and especailly in loss of liberty is totally out of proportion.

Secondly, this is a classic arms race. Once knowledge of these systems becomes commonplace, which it would immediately, violent individuals and especailly organized terrorists will simply change their tactics to render these systems moot. So it simply won’t work as protection. Instead it will just foster innovation in violence and terror. Notice that that is not bad financial news for companies who manufacture anti-terror technology.

And finally, the idea that you can bombard a person with enough electromagnetic radiation to see through their clothes and not be doing damage to the biological tissues absorbing that radiation is a completely unproven idea. Long-term experience with X-rays and other high-energy radiation used in medical imaging shows that there is at least a good reason to be skeptical of claims that these devices are harmless. Ever notice that the medical technician who X-rays you is always either standing in another room behind lead-lined walls, or at the very least is wearing a lead shield apron while they are imaging you? So there is a reasonably good chance that in the name of providing protection that will immediately become obsolete, the government will be inflicting long-term harm on those people it is supposedly trying to protect. 

Apologies to Mr. Orwell, who must be spinning in his grave at an amazing rate, but 1984 is starting to look quaint.