True confession. I’m almost fifty years old and I have never voted in my life.

I probably can’t fully justify it, but in a nutshell the truth is that I have never seen a candidate for a political office that I trusted enough, even in a lesser of evils way, to affirm with a vote.

But unless something changes, come 2012, I will be voting for the first time because for the first time there is a candidate running for office that I feel good about voting for.

If you’ve been reading along here at all, it should be obvious that there is a lot in Ron Paul’s economic platform that I fervently agree with. But to be clear, there are things that he says that make me cringe. There are other areas of his platform that I firmly disagree with. Those disagreements I can live with.

What I can’t live with is another in an endless line of assholes who has never produced a straight answer to a simple question in his life; whose convictions bend like grass in the wind; who says whatever, whenever in order to garner votes; whose allegiance is for sale to the highest bidder; whose first and last thought is for their personal gain while they mouth the platitudes of “public service”.

Ron Paul is the only politician that I have seen who has never compromised his principles for political expedience. His voting record is clear and always 100% perfectly aligned with what he says. He has been walking his talk in congress for 35 years. I believe with no doubt at all that he is his own man, ideologically clean, unbeholden to special interests.

I may disagree with some of his beliefs, but I trust him. At this stage that is far more important to me, and I think more important to the nation, than someone whose platform I agree with completely.

It’s time for trust and integrity in government.

Ron Paul 2012.