The Great American Stool has been in a dynamic equilibrium for decades, maintaining a strange balance and keeping the “seat” of American culture relatively flat and stable. But it looks like things are finally coming unglued and the stool is threatening to tip over.

The three legs of The Stool are three different groups who, because of their differing “places” in American culture, each collectively have their own kind of “power” that exerts a force in a particular direction, each dynamically balancing the other two. The three legs of the Great American Stool are the Bureaucrats, the Banksters, and the Morts.

Aside from manning posts in middle and upper management in giant corporations all over America, the Bureaucrats are our elected “representatives” in government. Those who choose the government route are, as a group, guaranteed to be among the moral and ethical dregs of our culture. Given the facts that power does corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and thus government has turned upside down and inside out from its original constitutional mandate as being “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, it is inductively obvious that the most cut-throat, dishonest, hypocritical, and power-hungry are going to be those most attracted to life as a government Bureaucrat. In addition to these marvelous traits, the Bureaucrats as a group also enjoy being seen, need to be the center of attention, and they are also a uniquely lame and incompetent group of people since they don’t really know how to do anything useful other than making people think that they are the right person for the job (which of course has nothing to do with actually being the right person for the job).

The Banksters share many of the negative moral traits of the Bureaucrats, but they are much smarter, have a longer-term view of things, definitely don’t like to be in the spotlight, and are not incompetent. These are the evil geniuses who prefer to pull strings from the background, by paying the Bureaucrats to do their bidding. Over the course of centuries, the Banksters have methodically arranged laws, finance, and cultural norms (via control of the media) so that they are at the top of the financial pyramid and so that, essentially, everyone is indirectly (and mostly unknowingly) working for them. Do you know that since the creation of the Federal Reserve (a private bank), every dollar that has been created in the United States is a debt obligation that the bearer owes to the Fed? Before the creation of the Fed, money used to be something entirely different from what it has since become. It used to represent something of value. Now it only represents debt, i.e. being “owned” by someone else. 

The Morts are an enormous and enormously diverse mass of everything from the best and brightest to our darkest, densest human forms. As a group, our Morty diversity unfortunately makes us into a stupid mob that only rarely self-aligns its beliefs, perceptions, and desires enough to express any kind of coherence. Unfortunately for the B&B’s, this only happens when the Morts are angry and looking for someone to punish for our collective suffering. The Banksters and the Bureaucrats have spent a lot of time and a lot of money figuring out how to herd us Morts into general directions that get the B&B’s what they want, always at our expense of course. And that herding generally works until the Banksters and Bureaucrats push things too far, try to fleece the Morts too much, too fast, and Mort suffering builds up enough that the roiling mob starts looking for a direction, something to revolt against, someone to punish. We are in that fertile roiling phase right now, and from a dynamic systems point of view, what happens next is that some kind of nucleating agent arises and then a coherent structure rapidly crystalizes around it and the directionless mob will suddenly turn into something altogether different and very virulent for the Banksters and the Bureaucrats.

The B&B’s know this of course. And they know that they can’t push too far or the stool will fall over under the revolt of the Morts. And when things start getting out of hand as they are threatening to now, the uneasy alliance between the Banksters and the Bureaucrats also starts to fray. In the end, if they lose control of the Morts, the Bureaucrats will try to side with the Morts against the Banksters, pretending that they were Morts all along and the Banksters fleeced them too (it’s either that or die; vive le révolution!). So now we have our Bureaucrat in Chief making threats about cleaning house on Wall St. It’s all posturing and the Banksters know it as well as the Bureaucrats do. As long as the Morts stay defocused and directionless, and never grasp what is really going on, the Bankster representatives are happy to play the clue-less bad guy (“We’re doing God’s work”). But if things get out of hand, the Bureaucrats will ratchet up their chest thumping and the Banksters will just disappear like smoke, like they were never there. Then it will be island time for the Banksters for a while, until things settle down and a new crop of Bureaucrats has coalesced from among the ranks of the Morts, awaiting their masters.

Here’s a destabilizing thought for the Great American Stool: I am a Mort and I declare that I have no financial debt. I don’t owe any Banksters or any Bureaucrats or any of my fellow Morts any money. So you know that “public debt” that the Bureaucrats have created in my name as an asset on the Bankster’s ledger without my consent? I refuse that debt.