Headline and first graph of a current AP story:

Slightly more people apply for jobless benefits

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week, offering some hope that the job market may be improving. But claims need to fall further to bring down the 9.6 percent unemployment rate.

So now, instead of just flat out making up numbers, the MSM has gone full-orwell in embrace of the doublespeak standard of excellence in financial reporting.

So let me get this straight… 

  1. More people applied for unemployment benefits which offers hope that the job market may be improving. check

  2. The number of claims which went up, need to fall further to bring down the unemployment rate. check.

Is the AP experimenting with some kind of new brainfuck technique here or what?

LINK to the full original story.

[UPDATE] AP has now changed the headline and opening paragraph of the story as you can read in the link above, to emphasize more of a "less worse" slant instead of the outright brainfuck that was there originally. The original headline and first paragraph were as I quoted them at the beginning of this post.